2022 Election Results...

11/01/2022 3:59 PM | Joe Gleason (Administrator)

Results from the 2022 Elections are In:

Jill Byrd, Treasurer

Joe Gleason, Membership Secretary

Andy Boyes, Member At-Large

David Chandler, Member At-Large

John Jordan, Member At-Large

Incumbent board members

Dennis Newton: Coordinator, (1 year remaining)

Vera Hurst, Assistant Coordinator (1 year remaining

Bill O'Brien, Recording Secretary (1 year remaining)

Penny Vann, Member At-Large (1 year remaining)

Beth Ritter-Guth, Member At-Large (1 year remaining)

Tom Ottinger, Member At-Large (1 year remaining)

During 2023, we will be actively recruiting for someone to fill the Coordinator position. Due to the nature of the position, it will be helpful to identify someone (or more than 1 person, potentially) who would be interested in shadowing Dennis so that they will be ready to move into this position. Also, if you are interested in being nominated for any of the other open 2023 positions, please feel free to contact,

All members are encouraged to attend monthly board meetings, especially if interested in running for a board position. Also, there are several other committee positions open like the 2023 Gathering Facilities Coordinator position and 2024 Gathering Coordinator position plus Team who might benefit from shadowing the current position holder.

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