Can't make the Gathering?

09/30/2021 2:10 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

A DOC-AT Boundary work day is scheduled for Saturday October 9we will be working on the easterly trail boundary on the east side of Moose Mountain, both north and south of Wolfeboro Road. If you can come, please confirm by E-mail, so I can bring enough equipment (No need to respond if you can't make it).  

Looking Ahead:  If you can't join us on October 9, two additional work days are scheduled for October 23, and November 6. Mark your calendars! 

DIRECTIONS FOR OCTOBER 9We will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the end of Wolfeboro Road on the EAST side of Moose Mountain in Hanover.  This is in that portion of Hanover which cars can only reach by going through another town. If you start in the Hanover area, go north on NH Route 10 - just after crossing into Lyme, turn right onto Goose Pond Road (forks left at Rennie Road) follow Goose Pond Rd for 5-6 miles (turns to dirt, then paved, then dirt, then paved). At the north end of Goose Pond, turn right on Wolfeboro Road across a bridge.  Follow it more than two miles, passing Tunis Rd on your left (don't turn there), then passing a restored one-room school on your right. Park where town maintenance ends (but do not block the roadway). If you use GooglEarth, look for directions to "Tunis District Schoolhouse, Hanover NH" which will get you most of the way there.

I'll bring paint, tools, maps, etc.You should bring your own water, lunch, and/or what you think you need for walking off-trail, where it can be brushy, and footing can be tricky, plus clothes that don't mind dirt or stains. We'll be walking up the unmaintained portion of Wolfeboro Rd to reach the AT boundary. 

Boundary Adoption Opportunities:  The DOC-AT Boundary program consists of 2 types of activities.  One is maintenance work days, such as those discussed above.  The other is annual monitoring of sections of boundary by people who have "adopted" a particular section.  There are still several lonely sections of boundary out there waiting to be Adopted!  An Adopter commits to walking the line once a year to check on its condition and see if there have been any trespasses.  If you're interested in becoming an Adopter, please let me know - I will meet on your schedule!

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