cdt map montana wyoming colorado new mexico Continental Divide Trail Mailing Labels

The CDT Mailing Label page provides an easy way to create mailing labels for many of the locations along the Continental Divide Trail. Simply fill out the form below and select a location. A separate window will popup containing the completed mailing label. Print out the window and you've created your mailing label. The mailing labels are ideal for sending food, maps, guidebooks, gear, and bounce boxes to most locations along the trail. I've also included several links at the bottom of the page for planning, gear manufacturers, CDT journals and videos. Just about anything pertaining to the Continental Divide Trail can be found from this site.

The tables below are based on research done by Ron Moak (original creator of mailing labels), Jim Wolf, Jonathan Ley, Jim Owen, Jackie McDonnell, myself and others. Since most of the towns along the CDT are small and remote, the information is subject to change.

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